Troop 1363' s Mission Statement

Our mission statement was written a few years ago, after 2 of our Scouts returned from attending NYLT [You can find out more by clicking the link]. The rest of the PLC came together and approved our mission, and since then, it's been a driving force in our growth as a unit.

Our mission is:

Troop 1363 strives to be a full-uniformed, focused group, led by focused and committed scouts, who can accomplish any task.

Our Values are:


* Service to the Unit, the Community

* Anyone who needs it...and with a smile


* Class A -or- Class B, only exceptions are from the PLC

* Class A consists of Scout shirt, neckerchief and slide, Scout pants, Scout belt and Scout socks


* Hands to yourself, no wrestling or rough-housing

* No running in the lodge


* If you are 5 minutes early, you are on time; If you are on-time, then you are late.


* Limit distractions by limiting use of electronics and phones at all scouting functions

* Organized

* Solid program

* Little/planned downtime