How to earn a Merit Badge                                                                                    Merit Badges that our adult leaders offer:
Here is a graphic from a fellow Scouter who took the time to explain the process, and make this really cool poster. This is the only way that Troop 1363 does Merit Badges. We don't work on MBs in troop meetings. Our time at troop meetings is for learning, mastering and finally teaching skills, along with patrol activities and advancement.

Click on the picture to see a full size graphic

Click HERE to download a PDF of the graphic

* American Heritage


* Backpacking

* Bugling

* Camping

* Cinematography

* Citizenship In Community

* Citizenship In Nation

* Citizenship In World

* Communication

* Computers

* Cooking

* Disability Awareness

* Electronics 

* Digital Technology

* Dog Care

* Emergency Preparedness

* Environmental Science

* Engineering

Family Life

* First Aid

* Fish and Wildlife

* Hiking

* Medicine

* Music

* Nature

* Personal Fitness

* Personal Management

* Pet Care

* Photography

* Public Speaking

* Radio

* Scouting Heritage

* Skating

* Soil and Water

* Theater

* Weather

* Welding

* Wilderness Survival

Those in BOLD are Eagle Required Merit Badges