Here are some of the common questions...the other part of these questions is "How much is this going to cost?"...well, a lot of this stuff can be purchased at a very good price from vendors that we have researched and trust. There is always gear to borrow or share until your Scout can get his own, don't hesitate to ask.
What does my Scout need to be a successful camper in Troop 1363?

Tent, Sleeping Bag, Backpack, Backpacking Stove, Eating kit ( bowl/plate, cup, utensils)

OK, so there is a list of stuff that my Scout will need...any recommendations?

Backpack – Each Scout needs a backpack, this is a must. We recommend an external frame pack.

Sleeping System – Each Scout will need a sleeping bag, preferably one that has a nylon-type lining. It should be rated to 0 - 20 degrees, and be able to be compressed to fit in your pack. 
Try to steer away from are the old Coleman-type that has the flannel lining in them. The flannel is made of cotton, and cotton absorbs moisture. Nylon liners wick. 
The other part of your sleep system, is a sleeping pad. It serves 2 purposes….comfort and insulation. There are self-inflatable and closed-cell…they both serve the same purpose, but there is a difference in cost and a bit in comfort. This piece isn't required, but recommended.

Tent – Each Scout will need a tent…they can share with another Scout in the troop, but that will be at the discretion of the other Scout. The tent should be a 3-season. The tent should have a removable fly and aluminum poles.

Water System – Your Scout doesn't need his own water pump/filter, but he must have a water bladder, or at least, a water bottle.

Kitchen – We recommend that each scout has his own kitchen…when we say “kitchen,” we mean stove and dishes (bowl, cup and utensils). If the scout opts to not get a stove, they will have to depend on their “buddy” to use his stove and fuel. ** Updated - Although a personal stove is still recommended, the purchase of one is not required. Patrols each have their own kitchen boxes and camping stoves for use on camp-outs. **

That can be pricey, does the troop have any gear to lend?

We have a backpack or two and a couple of tents. An eating kit is required for any troop you join; a stove is something that 1363 requires. We have spare stoves or a Scout can "Buddy Cook"...which means 2 or 3 Scouts share a meal.

OK, why doesn't 1363 have tents and stoves and other camping stuff for the Scouts to use, like other troops do? What about a troop trailer?

There are many reasons for 1363 to go the “individual gear” style. Some of those reasons are listed below…

Storage – we don’t have many options for storage of large amounts of camping gear. With backpacks, each scout can store his stuff in a closet, corner of the garage, or on a hook in the basement.

Troop Trailer – no need for one, as all packs will fit in the back of cars, trucks and SUVs. With no troop trailer, there is no need for a vehicle to tow it, a place to park it, money to insure or maintain/repair it, or the worry about someone stealing it. We do have annual, free use of a trailer, but not for every camp-out

Fees – troop dues and fees will be less, as there will be less overhead

Ownership – the gear is the scout’s, not the troop’s. Much of the recommended gear will last longer than your scout is a member of the troop, so costs can be spread over years.

Time – much of this can be saved with the scouts having their own packs. They pack at home, and bring their stuff, ready to get on the road. No time wasted in checking and rechecking before we depart. Shakedowns won’t be required to make sure that the scouts have everything.

Responsibility - An adult won’t have to be assigned to make sure that all of the troop’s gear is OK for use, so his/her time can be re-focused on mentoring scouts. On that note, a Scout that owns his own equipment takes better care of his items, than he does organization-issued gear.