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Summer Camp

On the left, are the general rules and outline for camp
On the right are the available Merit Badges available at camp. 

The packing list is available by clicking on the image below:
There is also a downloadable PDF for printing and checking off as you pack them


* Departure: We will be departing the Elk's lodge at 12:00 on Sunday, July 24th. If you arrive at 12:15, we will already have left. 

* Scouts should wear their uniforms, and have their swim trunks underneath. Have their towel accessible. 

* Arrival: We shall return to the lodge on Saturday, July 30th around noon. Please be ready to pick up your Scout on that day.

*** Rules while in Camp: ***

** DO NOT to bring to camp **
- Sheath Knives, folding pocket knife is fine
- Fireworks, just plain "no"
- Candles, gas lanterns (flashlights are OK, nothing that has any kind of flame)
- Cellular Phones - No. Period. If a Scout gets caught with it, it's mine for the remainder of the week. There is no reason for a Scout to have a cell phone on him. This has never been an issue, and there is no further discussion. NO. CELL. PHONES. PERIOD.

* How to contact a Scout: 

Snail Mail
Scout's Name 
Troop 1363, Fox Campsite
Bear Paw Scout Camp
PO Box 128 Mountain, WI 54149

If there is an emergency, call the office: (715) 276-6167. Please keep in mind there is only one phone line and will only be able to take a message and deliver it to your Scout.

Visiting your Scout

* Day Visitors: Parents and family members can visit camp at any time, but are most welcome for special camp-wide events. 
* No pets are allowed on the camp property. 
* All visitors to camp need to register at the camp office upon their arrival. 
* Meals for visitors at camp must be arranged at least 24 hours before that meal through the camp business office. 
* Cost for visitor meals are as follows:
*** Breakfast - $6.00 
*** Lunch - $7.00 
*** Dinner - $8.00

* Overnight visitors must be 18 years of age or older. Anyone spending time overnight in camp is considered a camper by BSA National Standards. Overnight campers need to turn in a BSA Annual Health History and Medical Record Form with insurance card to the office upon arrival, with parts A, B and C completed.