January 21st, 2014

posted Jan 21, 2014, 10:08 PM by Unknown user
Wow, will winter ever let up? I like the cold more than the heat, but this is getting ridiculous. Sure, there's no mosquitoes, but at this rate, we will have to chip the ice off Gardner Dam's lake when we go to summer camp this year.
Great stuff tonight, really proud of what went down.
* 3 Scoutmaster conferences, with more on the way
* 4 Scouts elected to the OA
* Joe and Bob will both be nominated as adults
* We have a new pack coming to visit us this next week
* PLC is coming up, along with TLT.
More and more, I love the way that Troop 1363 really is becoming the place to be. The Rocking Chair patrol is pulling together to make sure the PLC and the rest of the Scouts have what they need to succeed. Merit Badge work is starting to pick up, and that's keeping the troop committee busy, but that's what they want. The Eagle's Nest will be getting renovated this week, and we have some great opportunities coming up that will satisfy any camping or service needs. 

Scoutmaster Shawn