Are you and your son are getting ready to cross over to a Boy Scout troop? Geesh, you must have a lot of questions, and hopefully, we can give you some of the information that you will need to get through the process. Let's get started on what to look for.

Troop Visits

During your visit, there are things to ask and observe.  There are no “right” answers to these questions, but you want a Troop with which you and your son feel comfortable.  Don’t be afraid to ask about the Troop.  They will be proud to tell you about themselves.

How many registered Scouts are in the Troop?  How many registered Leaders?

What is the age range of the Scouts?  Is the Troop currently able to hold the interest of the older, as well as, the younger Scouts?  Do they offer any “High Adventure” Scouting?

Who are the adult leaders in the Troop?  Are the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters and Committee Chairman trained?  What trainings have they attended?

Is the Troop “boy run”?  What is their feeling about boy leadership?

What is their activity program like?

What is a “typical” meeting like?

What are their uniform requirements?

Does the Troop attend summer camp?  What percentage of the Troop attended last year?  Where do they go?

How do they utilize the advancement and Merit Badge program?

What can a parent expect in terms of fees?

Observe how the boys interact.  How do they treat the visitors?

What can I do to help?